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Athabasca Tribal Council along with the 5 First Nations, monitor, report, evaluate to ensure that the allocated funding is used for the outlined intended purpose. We strive to offer the necessary skills to the clients who are ready, willing and capable to secure and maintain employment and or return to school.

First Nation Coordinators provide ongoing support to clients with resume writing, job referrals, E.I. applications, monitoring of clientele and follow-ups. They also do skill development, interventions, assist with youth programs and summer students as well as assist clients with disabilities that self identify. Computer based applications and job search is also available at each office.

Athabasca Tribal Council represents the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, Fort McKay First Nation, Fort McMurray #468 First Nation and Mikisew Cree First Nation and through these five First Nations we have more than 5000 Cree and Chipewyan people.

Goals & Objectives of the Employment & Training department

  • To provide and give non stop assistance to first nation members in achieving the education or training that they need to meet the proper requirements for employment
  • In providing tuition/book costs for the individuals training, in order to secure an employment opportunity and a reasonable wage
  • To make it easier for all first nation members to obtain the proper funding and ending discouragement from acquiring adequate funding that they require to become successful
  • Providing every service possible that we can to ensure that all clients are getting the attention and support that they require to achieve their goals
  • Deliver effective employment, training and education programs that will sustain and enhance the quality of life for first nation members and empower clients to contribute to society
  • Empower first nation members to take advantage of the job development and training opportunities the oil and gas industry provide
  • Develop a competitive local workforce with the required skills to compliment the very fast development in and around our communities

 Program objective

To operate a single delivery mechanism for employable and under skilled workers for services of employment and any organized programs of training based on a completed Career action plan, specialized training must run under a 52 week duration that will assist the participant to prepare for a job of their choice or assist to enter advanced courses related to their chosen profession.

 ASETS coordinators provide a range of pre employment services such as career counseling, employment counseling, assessment and referral service, action plan development, sponsorship assistance, and other related services. All services and interventions provided will be for the purpose of improving the employability of individuals, ensuring their entry into jobs or their successful completion of the employment related goals of their action plan.

 The ASETS program will offer assisted services to participants according to their individual needs.  All services and interventions provided will be for the purpose of improving the employability of individuals, ensuring their entry into jobs or their successful completion of the employment related goals of their action plan.  Staff who are trained and are familiar with existing Aboriginal Human Resource Development Strategy will provide all services.  Standards for the delivery of other programs and services will be established as appropriate for the specific activity.  Services will include but not be restricted to the following.

  • Consultation to determine the client’s needs
  • Sessions to access barriers to employment, skills, interests and abilities
  • Provision of labour market information and advice on how the information can be utilized and accessed.
  • Guidance and support with occupational research
  • Supported action plan development to include a realistic employment goal and steps to achieve it: on-going support in the implementation of their action plan.
  • Information sharing and implementation of job strategies, resume writing and interview skills
  • Assist in the assessment of identifying training opportunities also to obtain sponsorship through various available funding resources.
  • Provide awareness & referrals to training and employment opportunities.
  • Ensure follow-up and on-going support is provided to enhance positive results.

Individuals, groups and businesses are eligible for funding under the Consolidated Revenue Fund or the EI Part 11 Funding.  Purchase of funding is focused strictly on individual training, job readiness, work ethics and work experience to enhance their likelihood of securing full time employment.

For more information or to book an appointment to meet with your local ASETS coordinator, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.


L-R Leslie Cameron, Darlene Fontaine, Jasmine Hunter, Roxanne Bigstone, Ray Nadeau, Sylvia Seegerts, Marcel Nadeau, Anthony Whiteknife, Paulette Lindstrom, Debra Adam


L-R Billy Memnook, Dave Ross, Clifford Antoine, Dustin McConnell, Felina Nanemahoo, Derek Piche, Darlene Shortman, Joey Flett and instructor Stan Koziak


Preparing for their graduation day in three weeks:

The end of the rainbow is almost reachable.

Warner Naziel (instructor) Jonathan Mercredi, Adam Bourke, Rachel Marten, Jada Voyageur, Brian Marten, Karen Marten, Lionel Lepine, Mike Mercredi, Jerry Adam


Students showing off their bush skills:

Lionel Lepine, Brian Marten, Adam Bourke, David Castor, Jerry Adam, Mike Mercredi, Karen Marten, Jada Voyageur, Jonathon Mercredi, Rachel Marten

Athabasca Tribal Council

ASETS/First Nation is Employment and Training Technicians 

Employment & Training Director

Athabasca Tribal Council

9087 McCormick Drive

Fort McMurray, Alberta

T9H 1C7

Phone: (780) 791-7445

Fax: (780) 791-2656

Employment & Training Coordinator

Athabasca Tribal Council

9087 McCormick Drive

Fort McMurray, Alberta

T9H 1C7

Phone: (780) 791-7445

Fax: (780) 791-2656

Manager, Employment Services

Fort Chipewyan Employment Services

P.O. Box 348

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

T0P 1B0

Phone: (780) 697-3811

Fax: (780) 697-3950

Employment & Training Coordinator

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

P.O. Box 366

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

T0P 1B0

Phone: (780) 697-3725

Fax: (780) 697-3500

Employment & Training Coordinator

General Delivery

Chard, Alberta

T0P 1G0

Phone: (780) 559-2259

Fax: (780) 559-2181

Office: (780) 559-0181

Employment & Training Coordinator

Fort McKay First Nation

P.O. Box 5360

Fort McMurray, Alberta

T9H 3G4

Phone:(780) 828-2433

Fax:(780) 828-4680

Employment & Training Coordinator

Fort McMurray #468 First Nation

Anzac, Alberta

T9H 4W1

Phone: (780) 334-2293

Cell: (780) 714-7138

Fax: (780) 334-2421




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