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Finance & Administration

The Department of Finance & Administration is responsible for enhancing the economic well-being of the five First Nations and their members. This involves working with individuals interested in starting businesses as well as expanding existing operations. Assistance ranges from answering inquiries, aiding in the preparation of business plans, to working to procure financing from government sources and financial institutions. Additionally, the department works with potential investors in negotiating joint ventures and creating business and employment opportunities for the member First Nations.
AHRDC Urban Office
Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Assoc.
Fort McMurray Businesses
Grassroots – Indian and Northern Affairs
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Making Money in the Millenium: Creating and Optimizing Aboriginal Business Partnerships.
AHRDC Launches Development Strategy


Northern Dene Enterprises Ltd.
First Nations owned partnership to service oil and gas industry.
Federal Goverment Agreement
Three-year funding agreement to support infrastructure, business developments, and community economy.
Industry Capacity Building Agreement
Resource development agreement between ATC, Province and industry signed March, 1999.

Arial view of Fort McMurray, Alberta