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Northern Dene


Northern Dene Enterprise Ltd. now in business

January 21, 2000

Northern Dene Enterprises Limited (Northern Dene) announced its grand opening in Fort McMurray on January 21, 2000. The newly incorporated 1 00% First
Nation owned company enables First Nations people to break into the oil and gas industry and it reunites Dene communitiesNorthern Dene Enterprises Ltd..

Northern Dene is jointly owned by Chipewyan Prairie First Nation (510/o), English River First Nation (38.9%), Whitefish Lake First Nation (10′/o) and itself (.1′/o). The sole shareholder is Tron Power Inc.

Tron Power, Regional Finalist in Canada’s 50 Best ManagedCompanies in 1999, will manage the new company. Tron Power will be responsible for hiring,
and has appointed its own Jim Elliot to spearhead the project. The partners express confidence in Tron’s abilities.

“I am excited about the partnership,” said Chief Walter Janvier of Chipewyan Prairie First Nation. “It gives us an opportunity to participate in oil company development in northern Alberta. We have the largest oil deposit in the world and our communities have not benefited from it. They always told us we need the experience, reputation and money. Now we will have it all. Now it is time to do business.”

From its million-dollar facility in Fort McMurray, Northern Dene will provide services in pipe and structural steel fabrication and installation, and general contracting.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of this joint venture. 1 am confident that we are going to be successful. Northern Dene will finance some of our programs here at English River and create employment for a lot of our people,” says Chief Archie Campbell of the English River First Nation.

Janvier adds, “The joint venture will bring the Dene people a lot closer. We have been separated in the last hundred years by borders and treaties. This partnership will help to reunite us. And there is no limit to where this venture can go.”

ATC congratulates you Walter on this very promising venture. This partnership is proof of what’s possible for our First Nations with the commitment of its leadership.