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Economic Development



 ATC Youth Entrepreneur Camp 2008 A Huge Success!!!  The ATC Youth Entrepreneur Camp was held in July 5-11, 2008 at the Nakoda Lodge in Morley, Alberta.  The theme for the camp was “Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship.”   


  • The ATC Youth Entrepreneurship Camp was designed to offer participants with a real opportunity to learn about business and what it takes to start their own business.  Furthermore, the participants will engage in personal and professional development workshops as in public speaking, self analysis and teambuilding.  This initial step will set the stage for empowering the participants to move forward with a renewed and confident outlook when learning what entrepreneurship entails, what the basic principles of starting a business, to vision opportunities of future alternate means of creating employment, and to enhance economic development opportunities in their respective communities.


  • In addition, the camp was designed to provide cultural activities and teachings to the youth from Elders, Aboriginal Storytellers, Artisans, Dancers, and others to provide an interactive environment and enjoyment of First Nation culture and heritage.


  • The ATC Youth Entrepreneurship Camp 2008 accomplished all of the above and more!  A total of 14 youth from the ATC First Nations attended this inaugural camp and participated in various entrepreneurial training workshops, teambuilding, cultural, and recreational activities.


  • The fourteen youth participants included Tracy Courtoreille, Blaine Simpson, Robyn Paquette, Nelson Courtoreille, Derek Courtoreille, Cassandra Marcel, Patrick Mercredi, Callie Davies-Flett, Anthony Ladoceur, Kimberley Cree, Isabel Ringonouldus, Clint Boucheir, Aletha Ann Lemaigre, and Arnold Fontaine.  These youth are members of the ATC First Nations.


  • The Athabasca Tribal Council would like to thank the following organizations and volunteers for their support, assistance, and contributions to the ATC Youth Entrepreneurship Camp 2008: 


  • Alberta, Immigration and Industry:  Sponsor for youth camp
  • Syncrude Canada Ltd.:  Sponsor for youth camp
  • Economic Capacity Building Initiatives:  Sponsor
  • Alberta Indian Investment Corp:  Errol Wilson & Leath Cardinal (Banker)
  • Indian Business Corp:  Shawna Morningbull (Presenter)
  • Aboriginal Business Development Bank of Canada:  Sylvia Mortwedt (Banker) Use of E-Spirit modules for training.
  • Community Futures Wood Buffalo: Use of resources & materials
  • Alberta Women’s Entrepreneurs: Tracy Scarlett (Banker)
  • Shift Selling Inc.:  Craig Elias (Presenter)
  • Myers, Norris, Penny:  Banker
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation: Rachel Rouhana (Presenter)
  • Elder/Councillor Hank Snow, Waverly First Nation
  • Waverly First Nation Elder, Dancers, Drummers
  • Keynote Speakers:  Derek & Cody Bruno & Matt Dunn
  • Imagination Cards:  Colby Delorme (Presenter)
  • First Nations Get Fit Challenge:  Clay Bruno
  • Camp Coaches:  Shelly Anderson, Errol Wilson, Margaret Whiteknife, Beetle Omeasoo (This team including the volunteers listed below was instrumental in making the camp a tremendous success)
  • Volunteers:  Julia McDougall, Anthony Ladouceur, Marina Whiteknife, John Paquette
  • Parents/Family of Youth Participants for their support of our youth endeavors
  • ATC Admin Staff:  Sheila Flett and Nicole Fraser
  • Nakoda Lodge Staff & Chef, Diversified Transportation Bus Driver


  • A detailed newsletter of the ATC Youth Camp has been completed and distributed to the ATC communities, stakeholders, and participants.  A training DVD has also been completed and distributed to the ATC communities.
  • The ATC Youth Entrepreneur Camp 2009 is currently in the planning stages.  Funding and location has already been secured for the 2009 camp.  Applications can be requested from Margaret @ 780-791-6538 or through your community employment coordinators.


Aboriginal Entrepreneur Training Program:  


The Aboriginal Entrepreneur Training Program is now complete.  This program was announced in the fall of 2007 and commenced on March 25, 2008.  Jointly sponsored by AEI and the ATC, sixteen people from the ATC First Nations expressed an interest in the program.  Of this initial group, fourteen were selected to participate in the program.  The program was delivered at the Athabasca Tribal Council boardroom every Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Fourteen participants received a Certificate of completion from MNP on July 15, 2008.

 The curriculum for this program supports the participants in developing the skills and tools needed to understand business principles and create a comprehensive business plan.  The workshops in business planning, market research, strategic planning, marketing planning, promoting your business, sales strategies, human resources, bookkeeping, cash flow management, taxation, GST, legal considerations, credit & collections, business insurance, and financing were conducted over a 15 week period with one evening session per week.  Participants are encouraged to draft a business plan over the 15 week period using information obtained in each workshop and the template provided to them during the first session.  The courses were led by MNP Consultants and Business Advisors wherever possible.  This allowed the participants easy access to additional coaching and mentoring.

 On average 6-10 participants attended the evening sessions on a regular basis.  Participants completed a participant feedback after each session.  All comments received were positive and the participants stressed the value, information, networking, small group discussions, atmosphere of the learning environment, and excellent presentations from the program.  All agreed that the program is highly recommended, interesting, and overall a good learning experience.

 The ATC would like to thank the sponsor (AEI) and MNP for this valuable and rewarding training program as well as the ATC Staff who assisted in the coordination of this program.

 The ATC would like to congratulate the following successful participants for completing the program:  Denise Keuegar, Melody Lepine, Lydia Beaudry, Jennifer Wilson, Shawn McClure, Flossie Cyprien, Gary Dell, Charles Nokohoo, Bernice Cree, Melinda Fraser, Karen Cardinal, and Mavis Mercredi.


  • Workshops/training:  A Quickbooks for Beginners training workshop was held on May 29 and 30 in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  A total of 22 First Nation members attended the first day with fifteen completing both days of the training program.  The program was delivered by Accounitng Cycle who provided all the laptops needed for this hand on training.  The workshop was sponsored by the Alberta Indian Investment Corporation (AIIC) in partnership with ATC.  The ATC would like to thank Errol Wilson from AIIC for this training opportunity.
  • Upcoming:  The Director of Economic Development is looking at hosting a number of training/workshops in the near future and is looking for feedback from ATC members, small business owners, aspirating entrepreneurs, First Nation businesses, and Industry partners on the level of interest for types of training and workshop and locations for the training/workshops.  Please contact me with your ideas and/or feedback.  Thank you for your input and consideration in this regard.
  • Other:  The Director of Economic Development is gearing up for another busy year at ATC.  Please keep your comments and feedback coming.  It is greatly appreciated and always welcomed.



 The following project was completed in July 2008. 

 Development of a Strategic Business Plan for the Development of a Corporate Arm

 On January 10, 2008 the Athabasca Tribal Council led by MNP consultants kicked off this project with the development of a project steering committee (PSC) comprised of two representatives each from the ATC communities.  The MNP consultants provided expertise and experience to lead the ATC PSC through a five-phased process to achieve the project outcomes including project initiation, current state assessment, strategic retreat, business plan development, and business plan presentation to the ATC Board of Directors.  The project was completed on July 17, 2008. 

 The PSC members responsible for overseeing the formation of the strategic business plan for the development of a Corporate Entity included the following individuals from the ATC communities:

 ACFN:  Anthony Ladoceur & Fred Deranger (In absentia) 

FMFN:  Raymond Powder & Venis Cahill

MCFN:  Keith Hamilton & Matthew Lepine                         

FM#468:  Bernadette Dumais & Bernice Cree

CPFN:   Stuart Janvier & Jim Cardinal

  The ATC and the PSC would like to acknowledge the following project sponsors for their contributions to this project:

  • AEI
  • Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
  • Alberta, Strategic Economic Initiatives

The ATC would like to acknowledge the contributions of numerous members from each of the ATC member communities as well as other internal and external stakeholders.  The ATC and PSC extend their sincere appreciation to all who participated in the workshops, interviews, and community open houses.  Particular acknowledgement is extended to the following individuals who attended the two day strategic planning retreat:  


Cassandra Marcel Peggy Laviolette Matthew Lepine Keith Hamilton
Venus Cahill Shirley Janvier Bernice Cree Anthony Ladouceur
Jackson Whiteknife Evelyn Janvier Robin Shortman Jim Cardinal
Stuart Janvier August Cree Raymond Powder Anthony Whiteknife
Bernadette Dumais Loretta Cheecham Marcel Janvier Emiline Cheecham
David Janvier Yvonne Janvier Margaret Whiteknife

 The next steps for implementation of the Strategic Business Plan are currently in discussion at the ATC Board of Director’s table. 



 The welcomes and appreciates any comments, feedback, questions, and recommendations on an ongoing basis.  Please feel free to contact Us at 780-791-6538 ext. 223.