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Jackpot City or 888Casino? Which is Better for Canadians?


On assessing 888 Casino, we came to the conclusion that its reputation precedes it. For Canadians who are looking for a good time in a safe environment, 888 Casino is a great place to be. A considerable number of factors were considered and evaluated in our review: player objections, projected incomes, license, games validity, customer sustenance class, objectivity in terms and conditions, extraction of fiscal wins and its limits, and a varying other factors.

Our investigation estimates 888 casino as one of the largest online casinos with massive fiscal investment and payout with a large number base. The large revenue base is of a big advantage for players looking to place bets in 888 casino, as this enables it to payout big wins, as opposed to smaller revenue generating casinos who find it difficult to payout players who win big.

On players’ complaints, we have recorded 16 in direct relation to 888 casinos on our database, and 6 indirect complaints about other casinos that have some of connection with it. The complaints on this casino, led us to give a rating of 15,840 black points in total: 10,949 of these black points originated from the casinos that had some connection with 888 casino.

888 Casino is blacklisted on only one website, as is shown below. This blacklist does not allow our ratings experience prejudice in anyway, as the problem was in relation to the casino’s former owner.

888 casinos is one of the best online sites, if you’re looking for big wins and a secure payout technique.

The benefits Payment method using PayPal Impressive outline of live dealer games Current good reputation Famously advanced jackpot slots

The disadvantages It might take a long time before withdrawal Customer support is lacking in urgency Negated to dispute grievances in public until 2016

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is also an online casino with a very good reputation. Players looking to have a good time will not be disappointed. Our review will cover the revenue base, the relevance of the games jackpot stacks, customer service, the terms and conditions of the website, withdrawal and win limits as well as the players’ complaints. Jackpot casino has huge revenues to go with its large number of players. Fortunately players can have fun to their hearts content without worrying about cashing out. If you like to play a big game, Jackpot City is the place for you.

Jackpot city runs a tight ship, and as such the number of complaints is significantly less. There are complaints from players directly in relation to the website and complaints that are related to the website through other casinos. We decided to award Jackpot City with a total of 15,840 black points in relation to the complaints, out of which majority of these points are attributed to other casinos not in direct connection to Jackpot city.

Jackpot City has been blacklisted, but this has in no way influenced our ratings for this site, as the blacklisting was not as a directly result of the casino’s carelessness.

Our review shows that jackpot city is a comfortable base for players who are all about comfort, safety, big wins, unlimited and legitimate cash outs.

The Pros Players are allowed an extensive variety of currencies They also have a monopoly on limitless withdrawals The Cons Inefficient communication between casino and players or mediators Stringent bonus terms and conditions A large number of unresolved complaints

In Summary

Every casino has its positives and negatives. 888Casino has a constrained above the ordinary withdrawal limit while Jackpot City has unconstrained withdrawals. The two casinos have a safe environment, and we recommend you try them out. Let us know what you think about these two casinos!