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Tech Services


To provide technical advice; aid in designing, planning, inspecting and obtaining other technical expertise; develop funding arrangements; and make recommendations in implementing capital projects (including housing, facility operations, maintenance and conducting environmental assessments).

 To adopt and maintain a technical service policy that is consistent with
the program directive of the Alberta Region of Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada, related to the framework of funding Technical Services for First Nations within the region.

Project Management Course

The Physical Infrastructure Sub-Committee has established a Technical Services Unit comprised of five in-community assistants who report to ATC’s Director of Technical Services and are accountable to their respective First Nation. After a number of meetings with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), a decision was made to provide a poject management course consisting of all aspects of Infrastructure, Housing and Inspection.

One of the key mandates of this Unit is to develop a prioritized community infrastructure plan, based on the available resources. The course is being taught at the Bob Lamb Centre by instructors from NAIT. Upon completion of this one year course, students will be employed in their respective communities as Housing and Assistant Housing Managers.