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Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation

The Fort McMurray Reserves consist of four areas. Reserve #175 is located about 20 kms east of Fort McMurray. The other three areas, Reserve #176, 176A and 176B are located near Anzac on Gregoire Lake approximately 50 kms southeast of Fort McMurray. Gregoire Lake Reserve #176 is the largest and most populated reserve.Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

The Fort McMurray Band traced their history back to the Cree and Chipewyan Indians of Alberta. The Band signed adhesion to Treaty #8 in 1899.

The Fort McMurray and Fort McKay were originally part of the same Band, but divided in 1942.

December 1996 figure indicates 475 Band members. The majority of the Fort McMurray Band members (68%) do not live on the reserve. Many of the Band members live in Fort McMurray.

Local Government

The Fort McMurray # 468 First Nation is governed by a Chief and two councilors.

Chief Ron Kreutzer

Councilor Bernadette Dumais

Councilor Cleo Reece

Economic Base

The Band does some contract pallet manufacturing for some of the oil companies. Other sources of employment have been the Syncrude, Suncor, Petro-Canada and Amoco sites.

Other sources of seasonal employment can be found in the forest industry with fire fighting, reforestation, and slashing activities.

Hunting and trapping is used mainly as a supplementary income.Ft. McMurray First Nation



The Gregoire Lake Reserve is approximately 50 kms from Fort McMurray. The paved road consists of approximately 33 kms along Highway #63 and 18 kms along secondary Highway #868.

Air Services

There is a private grass airstrip near the community. The nearest paved and lighted airport is Fort McMurray.


No passenger service.

Bus Service

Flag stop bus service is available at Anzac corner, which is at the junction of Highway #63 and secondary Highway #868. This flag stop is approximately 18 kms away from Anzac.

Child Welfare Services

Alberta Family and Social Services located in Fort McMurray provide a full range of child welfare services to the Fort McKay First Nation members including adoption services, foster homes, and handicapped children’s services.The “rural social worker” provides once weekly visits. Alberta Family and Social Services hires a Native contract social worker to provide family and social support counseling one day per week on the Gregoire Lake Reserve.

Income Security Services

The Fort McMurray Band hires one, half time social worker to deliver this program.


Hospital – Fort McMurray

Medical – No resident Doctor – nearest Fort McMurray

Public Health – Fort McMurray Health Unit


Police Protection

R.C.M.P is located in Fort McMurray.



Elementary School – Fort McMurray School District

Junior and Senior High School students are bussed to Fort McMurray.


Alberta Government Telephones (1990) reports that approximately 50% of the households have a telephone. Most homes have party lines. Total number of private households is 25 (1986 census).


Facilities on the Reserve include a baseball diamond, skating rink, Band hall, Pow-Wow grounds and access to beaches on Gregoire Lake.



P.O. Box 6130

Clearwater Station

Fort McMurray, Alberta

T9H 4W1

Phone: (780) 334-2293

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