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Education Reports & Documents

Following are some significant documents that provide background information about ATC First Nations education.

Indian Control of Indian Education (1972) by National Indian Brotherhood. The Federal Government accepted this document as federal education policy in 1972.

Tradition and Education: Towards a Vision of Our Future (1988) by the Assembly of First Nations. This declaration is a result of the National Review of First Nations Education, a major study of First Nations education in Canada.

Treaty No. 8 (1899). Reprinted by the Government of Canada Queen’s Printer. An article deals with education of Indians.

Indian Act (1989). Printed by the Minister of Supply and Services Canada. Various sections relate to education of Indians.

Policy Statement on Native Education in Alberta (1987) by Alberta Education. The purpose of the policy is to encourage the involvement of Native people in the education of their children and to ensure that all students in Alberta are provided with curricular materials that give a balanced and positive view of Native people.

ATC Regional Education Conference Report (1 998) by the ATC Education Committee. This report summarizes the comments of participants at the 1998 Education Conference. As well, background information on the ATC Education Committee is provided.

The Common Curriculum Framework for Aboriginal Language and Culture Programs K-12.

Western and northern Canadian Protocol on Aboriginal Languages and Cultures website.

Our Words, Our Ways, Teaching First Nations, Métis and Inuit Learners.

If you would like to find out more information about these documents please call your local education contact or the ATC Education Director at (780) 791-6538.