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Goal 1

Discuss education issues, concerns and information affecting Athabasca Tribal Council First Nations.

  • Committee members collect and provide information for the ATC Education Committee about various issues regarding education at regular monthly meetings.
  • Communicate education information into a regular ATC newsletter and a brief into the annual report.
  • Provide ongoing reports and recommendations to the ATC Board and the respective councils regarding the committee’s activities.
  • Communicate with other education authorities on issues regarding ATC First Nations education on an as needed basis.

Goal 2

Review and analyze First Nation education systems.

  • Attend two educational conferences this fiscal year.
  • Visit one school system this fiscal year.
  • Promote education by inviting education guest speakers to do presentations in community meetings.

Goal 3

Develop and implement an action plan to inform ATC First Nations about education choices.

  • Promote the 1998 Conference document that describes First Nations education systems available to ATC First Nations.
  • Host an education conference every two years.
  • Provide information about First Nations education systems on a monthly basis.
  • Within three years, each First Nation will make a community choice on the education system that will serve their children.