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Goals and Objectives

Enhance and promote the general well being of our people by providing programs, services, and opportunities;

  • Establish an information centre for collecting, updating and retaining data and information on local and regional resource development.
  • Identify ongoing environmental, health, social and economic issues.
  • Develop, implement and enhance effective education, training, employment, health care, infrastructure and other programs required to meet current and long term needs of member First Nations.

Foster growth, prosperity and development of First Nations communities through capacity building;

  • Analyze existing management practices and program delivery mechanisms by conducting community reviews
  • Provide capacity building options and assist the First Nations communities in assessing funds, if required, to enhance their ability to effectively manage their resources
  • Conduct community workshops and, as required, provide training opportunities to enable communities to adequately address environmental, social, economic and technical matters related to resource development.

Maintain and protect our Treaty Rights and Freedoms;

  • Conduct community and public education workshops on the history of the Treaties
  • Conduct workshops specifically geared to industry to enhance their knowledge of Treaties from a First Nation’s historical perspective
  • Identify with industry concrete ways it can support and enhance ATC’s position and concerns in addressing Treaty Rights and Freedoms and related issues with all levels of governments
  • Set up meetings with the Federal Government to begin addressing outstanding Treaty issues
  • Continue to work with the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta on building the Treaty 8 Bilateral process

Promote, maintain and protect the integrity of our relationship with Mother Earth, the Land, water, ice, air, and resources;

  • Identify ongoing environmental, health, and socioeconomic issues
  • Enhance First Nations involvement in the environmental and socioeconomic regulatory processes in obtaining intravenor status
  • Secure financial resources to retain third party technical, environmental, social and economic issues and consult with ATC and individual First Nations communities on these matters
  • Identify cumulative effects relating to environmental, technical, social and economic issues and consult with ATC and individual First Nations communities on these matters
  • In conjunction with industry and governments, design and implement processes
  • that address cumulative effects and its impact on each First Nation community

Promote and protect our origins, territories, environment, culture, customs, history and languages as First Nations’ peoples;

  • Identify traditional and historical knowledge by conducting, maintaining, and completing base line data and demographic studies
  • Conduct community educational workshops informing the membership of the history of First Nations in the region, including our cultures, traditions, and lifestyles
  • Utilize the Treaty 8 Centennial Commemoration to promote our history, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles to the general public

Work together in harmony and unity, supporting each other politically, socially, economically and culturally;

  • Address common issues, develop positions and lobbying strategies at monthly ATC Board meetings
  • Develop internal working protocols and agreements in order to address common issues related to Resource Development
  • Report Community Resource Development initiatives to ATC in order to maintain a united front in addressing resource development issues

Develop meaningful and productive relationships with out stakeholders;

  • Establish and maintain effective lines of communications with resource developers by having collective quarterly meetings
  • Facilitate in-community consultation to effectively consult on resource development issues
  • Represent the community on matters relating to resource development at appropriate government forums and existing multi-sectorial mechanisms
  • Establish agreements with stakeholders which outlines the parameters of consultation; financial terms for consultation; composition of committees that may be struck; length of agreement and all other matters that may arise