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ATC Stakeholders Include

  • Member First Nations & Communities
  • Health Canada & Hospitals
  • Federal Government
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Alberta Government, MLAs and MPs
  • Band Businesses
  • Assembly of First Nations
  • Industry
  • Schools
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Treaty 8 Grand Council
  • Treaty 8 Health Authority

Funding Sources

The mandate of the Athabasca Tribal Council is to provide Managerial and Technical expertise and services to First Nation People within the Northeastern Alberta Region. In order to carry out this mandate ATC receives funding from several sources.


  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) contributes 52% of ATC’s funding. These funds are based on our FTA agreement with INAC, ATC, and the five First Nations.
  • Health and Social funding cover such departments as Health Canada, Alberta Family and Social Services, Northern Lights Regional Health Authority and Child Care funding. These funding agreements consisted of 19% of ATC’s funding.
  • Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) contributes 23% of ATC’s funding and covers the employment and training programs that are administered by ATC and the five First Nations Communities.
  • Other Government funds consist of First Nations Resource Council, CMHC, the Solicitor General, some miscellaneous donations and bank interest. These funds consist of 65% of ATC’s funding.